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We are a local nonprofit organization that is dedicated to assisting people of Williston and surrounding communities who are battling cancer.

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A mother of a dear friend of ours was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She was a retired woman on a fixed income, and she was suddenly faced with cancer. Now, she had to worry about her health and finances, how she could afford to travel to care of her medical needs, and etc. Founder, Marti Pankowski, and a small group of friends were talking about this and how we had all participated in cancer fundraising events on a local level over the years and have supported other local benefits, etc. when our community was in need. Our friend's mother had contacted the American Cancer Society and she was only given a $75 gas card to help her out. Marti then came up with an idea of starting a nonprofit to help women battle breast cancer financially.

"Surely we could help raise money that would stay right here in our community rather than being sent to a national level, only to barely get anything in return." Then we had an idea. "A BRA Auction! What a great idea! We could decorate bras and sell them!"

An application to the ND Secretary of State was submitted for our nonprofit tax ID and was approved! We started getting the word out and fired up the hot glue guns and began spending endless hours decorating the bras! Our first auction brought in roughly $10,000 and to date, we have given nearly $500,000 back to our community over the course of 5 years! Our community has been so supportive and their continued support of Bras for a Cause is what makes all of this possible.


positive review An amazing group of volunteers who help those in our community who fight ALL forms of cancer. They have helped one of employees with his cancer treatments and we couldn’t be more thankful. Thank you for what you do!!

Kelsey Lisle Avatar
Kelsey Lisle

positive review An amazing organization of volunteers providing needs for those in the Williston community who’ve been diagnosed with cancer.

John Lisle Avatar
John Lisle

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